Mona Lisa Overdrive

There's not a lot to do in Glenrothes.

A Scottish 'new town' the area isn't renowned for its music scene - which is perhaps what drives Tango In The Attic.

Debut album 'Bank Place Locomotive Society' was crafted in all manner of back rooms, garages and other makeshift rehearsal spaces. Released in 2010, Tango In The Attic worked hard, building their fan base and turning the album into a sleeper hit.

Seemingly massive in Japan, Tango In The Attic's hugely energetic approach to making music underlined what it takes to be young and to make music in a little known regional town.

Taking time off, the four piece re-united last year to draft a follow up. New album 'Sellotape' is a much more direct, raucous return with Tango In The Attic swapping their scratchy, African rhythms for some straight up garage rock influences.

It's not an entire departure - the band's math rock edges are still there, albeit smoothed out a little - but Tango In The Attic seem to be powered by a rare drive.

Lead single 'Pawprints' gave an indication of what to expect. All jagged guitars and surging vocals, Tango In The Attic seemed to be inspired by rock 'n' roll deviants such as Jonathan Fire*Eater.

Now here's 'Mona Lisa Overdrive'. Clocking in at just under three minutes, the track is all rock bravado with a neat breakdown to remind everyone that - at heart - Tango In The Attic haven't really changed.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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