'Your Own Blood'

At stressful times like these the most important things in life are sometimes the ones you've taken most for granted.

Mulimba certainly knows this. To him, family is everything, but in spite of that those relationships endure ups and downs.

Now working solo after his time fronting potent indie force HAUS, 2020 promises a slew of material from this highly talented songwriter.

New single 'Your Own Blood' is as personal as it gets. A song about "going through a rough patch" it's reflective, soulful, and dynamic, allowing Mulimba to move with complete freedom.

"'Your Own Blood' is about family," he reflects. "That could mean your family by blood, your best friend/ close group of friends or ultimate just somebody that you care about deeply..."

A song that deals in explicit honesty, 'Your Own Blood' is marked by maturity, while retaining the biting immediacy of Mulimba's earlier projects.

He continues: "I wrote 'Your Own Blood' whilst going through a rough patch with somebody very close to me, but even though we were both hurt by things we’d done and said to each other, we still had an unconditional love for each other. No matter what you’re going through, good or bad, family will always be there. "

Tune in now.

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