No Love Lost

There really isn’t any need to use analogue equipment these days.

After all, the digital revolution means that if you want your laptop to sound like a MOOG played through a Leslie in Cologne ’76 then you just need to download the right app. For some, though, this isn’t enough – and we love them for it. See, there’s something missing from that digital sound. Call it warmth, call it the human touch, call it whatever you want but analogue technology can sometimes touch you in ways that digital technology just can’t replicate.

Take Figures. A two man production team - Jamie Blanco and James Delay, if you want to know their names – the duo sparked into life in 2010. Initially playing DJ sets, Figures quickly evolved and began writing their own material. Debut single ‘Velo’ pushed the pair to the forefront, with their glitzy take on the house sound mingling with primitive electronics.

Since then, Figures have released more of their own material alongside a few remixes before taking a short break. Now they’re back. New single ‘No Love Lost’ has a dark, decadent air, almost like it’s been resurrected from the soundtrack of some 80s sci-fi dystopia.

We’ll let you make up your own minds...

Listen to it now...


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