'We Got The Power'
Eku Fantasy

It all started with a tweet.

Eku Fantasy crossed paths on social media, first liking each other's tweets, before chatting on messenger services.

Yet Olugbenga Adelekan (Metronomy) and Gareth Jones (Jumping Back Slash) have never met.

The decision to make music together was taken online, and that's where it remains; somewhere out there, on a server in cyberspace.

Two distinct talents intertwined, Eku Fantasy present outlandish, bleached out synth pop, an artful vision that veers from their own catalogues out to Kate Bush, Japan, YMO and countless others.

Debut cut 'We Got The Power' completely re-works the Gorillaz original, presenting a crystalline, eerie vision in its place.

Ripping apart the cartoon collective's songwriting, Eku Fantasy present an almost entirely new track. With the persistent hum of those electric strings this new version has a warped sense of future dystopia, almost Blade Runner in its approach.

Tune in now.

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