Track Of The Day 30/5 – Rhett Nicholl

'Haunty' ft. The Nasty Poet & Bapou Costi

Every artist has this hidden fear that their new song might be their last, that the well of creativity they draw on only has finite resources. Every so often they hit a brick wall, and those fears start to rise, to become overwhelming.

Rhett Nicholl has faced periods like this in his own life. For five years he wrote almost nothing, going through a bleak point in his personal life.

But then, somehow, the music returned. The past 18 months have been electrifying for the North London artist, pushing himself into project after project, learning to fully express himself once more.

New single 'Haunty' is the end point of this process, a debut single that opens out a fresh chapter for the Finchley songwriter.

Matching murky Burial style production against that high, keening vocal, 'Haunty' finds Rhett working alongside The Nasty Poet and Bapou Costi to dramatic effect.

Rhett explains: "'Haunty' began as a reaction to the passing of a close friend and seminal figure in our culture. I’m trying to work through those feelings it became a means to explore the issues and struggles of the people who really grew up in this city."

Bapou Costi – a convicted armed robber turned St Martins School of Art Graduate – adds: "These lyrics come from a longer stream of consciousness, like most of what I write. There’s no start or finish, no resolution or gimmicks. This section addresses a life that all my people have lived, and much continue to. I wrote this for London, the real ones that get the metaphors, the sub text and word play. If you know you know…"

Directed by Jack Murray and Sam W. McFadden directed the full video, a track that places the artists in their natural location – London.

Flitting from borough to borough, the video for 'Haunty' visits places that mean a great deal to Rhett, and it features a slew of cameos, including Oneman in Streatham and Chennesy in Kentish Town.

A beautifully shot film that leaves a lasting impression, you can check it out now.

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