Track Of The Day 30/3 – RYVOLI

'Sleep Talking'

Jenn Whiteman and Samantha Howard first met in Paris, two strangers drawn together in a foreign land.

Bonding over a mutual love of music, the pair began to swap influences, name-checking classic albums, deep-diving into each other's worlds.

Soon, they began to write songs together, fragrant hymns of Americana, gilded countrified concoctions, folk-hewn nuggets of highly personal wisdom.

Somewhere during that time RYVOLI was born. Now based in Lexington, New York, the duo seem to leap forward with every new track, blossoming in potential and ambition.

With a new project incoming RYVOLI are able to share wonderful new song 'Sleep Talking', an attempt to personify anxiety.

Describing mental health issues as a spectral presence, the sparsity of the arrangement seems to amplify those perfectly poetic lyrics.

The pair explain…

Sitting comfortably in your leather recliner is a stranger. He’s been visiting you every day since you can remember, but he’s still a stranger. You haven’t asked him his name because you’re afraid to.

So he sits calmly, smugly, waiting for you to fall asleep each night. But you never can, because he’s there. 'Sleep Talking' is a lyrical picture of anxiety manifesting itself as a person. In moments of fear, it’s difficult to confront the things that scare us. But if we take a step back and ask the stranger to name himself, he loses his grip.

We become familiar with his ways, and his oppression is demystified.

Tune in now.

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