Track Of The Day 30/11 – Wallice


Wallice has carved out a name for herself through producing rebellious, scuzzy pop songs with an alt edge and a DIY ethos. Snapped up by Dirty Hit Records, she’s able to speak to her peers in a voice that is completely relatable, while also injecting something new into those conversations.

Continually moving forwards, Wallice inverts her sound on the beautifully forlorn ‘Japan’. A song about familial connections, it dips into her Japanese roots while also surrendering itself to a blissful sense of introspection.

Wallice explains…

“My father was born and raised in Tokyo and lived there until he was 27, and my mother lived there for a couple years in the 90s, so Japanese culture has heavily influenced my identity. I don’t know my father’s family in Japan at all. I’ve only met them once when I was little at my grandfather’s funeral, and since then my grandmother has passed. Recently my mother moved across the country from California to Georgia which has left me without that familial sense of home. This song explores where home is and why I am so drawn to Japan.”

Sonically ‘Japan’ recalls the likes of Phoebe Bridgers or Julien Baker, while retaining aspects of her previous pop gloss. Out now, ‘Japan’ comes equipped with a video shot on Super 8, giving it a nostalgic intimacy.

She continues…

This video is really special. It is my first time back in Japan after covid, so almost four years. I absolutely love Japan – it’s my favourite place in the world. I feel like over covid and just growing up, I have lost touch with my culture. I don’t stay for weekends at my dad’s house like I did when I was little, which means I don’t actively listen to or speak Japanese anymore. I feel like I have lost a lot of my comprehension of the Japanese language, so it was nice to go back and after a few days realise a lot was coming back to me. I have family from Japan, but it’s still such a place of wonder and unknown, and I hope this video can capture Japan’s beauty and mystique.”

Tune in now.

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