'Blue's Not My Colour'

One day Laura-Mary Carter picked up an acoustic guitar, and the songs simply started to flow.

Sure, she's got previous – part of Blood Red Shoes for more than a decade now, Laura-Mary Carter has put her name against no small degree of visceral, biting rock 'n' roll.

Yet this material was different. Perhaps a little less overtly intense, a tad more introspective, it leans on Americana while remaining resolutely British.

Gathered on incoming mini-album 'Town Called Nothing' – out on December 3rd – sessions took her from Los Angeles to the UK, with Ed Harcourt providing a supporting voice on production.

Laura-Mary shares: "The idea of writing on an acoustic guitar was new to me, I’d always written songs for my band which has a very heavy disposition. I realised that writing in this intimate way exposed my voice and changed the way I was writing and singing lyrics."

Available to pre-order HERE, we're able to bring you a fantastic preview. 'Blue's Not My Colour' is song about self-actualisation, with Laura-Mary coming to terms with what she needs – and doesn't need – in her life.

A song about breaking free, and claiming independence, it borrows from vintage country while pursuing a lane entirely of its own.

She comments…

'Blue's Not My Colour' is about to wanting an uncomplicated relationship. I was listening to a lot of music like Patsy Cline at the time and I thought I want to write a type of love song but flip the script with a little bit of humour to it.

We're able to share the video, a neat home-made affair that contains a few references to American Beauty – and a cute dog, too.

Laura-Mary Carter continues…

I drove out to see my friends Tim and Jen and we decided to make a video last minute. It was probably the most relaxed video I have ever made … nothing to do with the large consumption of margaritas. After telling Tim about my obsession with Elvis memorabilia, we had to get some of that in. We wanted it to have a nod at the film American Beauty too, which you can maybe pick up on in the pool with the flag. Luna is the name of the sweet little dog, a blue chihuahua.

Tune in now.

– – –

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