'Hop The Twig'

The Courettes are a force to be reckoned with.

Matching the garage rock ferocity of The Sonics to prime early 60s girl group, the band's output is utterly feral in the most addictive possible way.

Reminiscent of The Ronettes given a Ramones style overhaul, their evil charms arrive covered in blood-soaked glamour.

A duo from Denmark and Brazil, their first single for Damaged Goods - the superb 'Want You! Like A Cigarette' - landed last year.

Second album ‘We Are The Courettes’ will be remastered for a new vinyl release, with the cult imprint set to host new single 'Hop The Twig'.

Twanging guitar and raucous percussion, 'Hop The Twig' is a gonzo take on surf music, a wild head-long charge into the unknown.

“We're all feeling like we're walking on the thin ice these days, so when I by chance found the expression ‘Hop The Twig’ we were amazed not only about how good it sounded, but also about its meaning,” explains guitarist and singer Flavia Couri.

“It is an old slang for dying, so we found it a very appropriate title for a song as too many people had ‘hopped the twig’ this last year. We're big fans of Duane Eddy and all the early surf music, and this riff kept coming in my head, so I started to play around it on the guitar. And then it hit me: It's Hop The Twig! Though ‘Hop The Twig’ is always hiding behind your back, and it's a pretty dark theme, the song is more of a statement celebrating that we are still here - at least by now. So, cheers to that! And look out!”

We're able to share the full video for 'Hop The Twig' before anyone else - tune in below.

Order 'Hop The Twig' HERE.

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