Folk Rock Newcomers

Emerging from the wreckage of British space cadets The Verve, Simon Tong must have wondered where life was about to take him.

Swapping intergalactic guitar lines for his acoustic, the musician started the 'Folk Off' night in London. A celebration of traditional music bent in very un-traditional ways, it was here where Simon Tong met his future musical partner.

Erland And The Carnival is a new project that pits the one time Verve axe man against a little known singer from Orkney. With a background in traditional music the resulting album is steeped in British folk.

Taking folk music away from the purists, the group's debut album has all the strange, ethereal charm of a field recording.

Out now, Erland And The Carnival's debut is a bewitching triumph. ClashMusic has grabbed a track from the album, with 'My Name Is Carnival' a spiralling mini-epic.

Listen to it now...

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