Track Of The Day 28/9 – FRIEND

'The Evening Crowns The Day'

FRIEND is the alter ego of Dominik Huber, a musician based in Switzerland but who inhabits an alternate reality.

Each song has a dream-like atmosphere, drifting endlessly across fresh space, and new expanses.

There's a little of David Lynch in here, too, with FRIEND able to confuse and amuse, to beguile and entertain, all within the space of one track.

New cut 'The Evening Crowns The Day' (pre-order LINK) is drawn from the songwriter's upcoming debut album, and it's an oblique introduction to a fascinating mind.

Faint traces of psychedelia abound, with FRIEND turning self-doubt into self-belief. Dominik Huber explains:

“We all have our paralysing moments when we reach a point in our lives, feeling like we haven’t achieved anything and nothing we own is what we wanted. It’s not easy to escape from that lonely trip, trapped in a strange dream where nobody wakes you up. But every time we look back, life wasn’t half as bad as we thought it was, was it?”

Tune in now.

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