Night Drives
Wymond Mile

For all its stark miserablism, post-punk has still coughed up more than its fair share of love songs.

Twisted, often barbed, love songs – but love songs nonetheless.

As lead singer of The Fresh & Only’s Wymond Miles has been responsible for a fair few of these. With his crooning baritone and epic sweep, the frontman is the perfect vehicle for any form of heartache.

Deciding to record a solo venture, Wymond Miles has signalled plans for a new album. Out on October 15th, ‘Cut Yourself Free’ has a broad, ambitious outlook which fuses some sonically beautiful moments with a passionate introspection.

‘Night Drives’ is all swirling twilight tones and chugging, Peter Hook style bass lines. Submerged in inky night, it’s a beautiful way to see out the working week.

'Cut Yourself Free' is set to be released on October 15th.

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