Swedish newcomer Menke has a certain poetry to her sound.

Literally. After all, debut single 'Moln' - powerful, strident, and yet subtle - was inspired by Swedish poet Karin Boye’s classic poem with the same name.

She explains: “I more or less stumbled over Karin Boye’s poetry by accident to be honest. I was just home one day, and out of boredom I picked a book randomly from the bookshelf. That book was a collection of poems by Karin Boye.”

“I opened it up and read the first one, a poem called ’Moln’. It struck me like lightning. The words had such a thorough impact on me and as I read along I kept hearing this music in my head. Music that grew and came alive as I read the poem for the first time.”

There's a pastoral beauty, an innate romance, to Menke's single, with those tumbling string section notes fluttering alongside that urgent vocal.

Unfolding at its own pace, 'Moln' feels remarkably confident; a poised, coiled work, full of restrained emotion and all the more affecting for that.

Clash is able to bring you the full video before anyone else - shot in a misty forest, it's infused with the same mystery that makes Menke's music so fascinating.

Tune in now.

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