'Cold And Got Colder'
This Is The Kit

Music always wins through.

This Is The Kit go about their business with the least amount of fuss, but the sheer artistry on show is enough to gain some incredible plaudits.

Recent album 'Bashed Out' was produced by The National's Aaron Dessner, and it's become something of a breakout moment for the project: lucid, inherently melodic, and undeniably emotive, its quiet, pastoral charm has won over countless new fans.

Standout cut 'Cold And Got Colder' has now gained the full visual treatment, a video conceived by This Is The Kit's creative lynchpin Kate Stables.

The singer takes a canoe on a lengthy journey across land, in the style of Werner Herzog's classic film Fitzcarraldo. Kate explains:

“Often in life we're struck by the struggle. Our own struggles and also witnessing the struggles of others. Making this video was kind of a performance/personal process/nod to anyone who has ever had to carry a canoe across land and through the amazon jungle, literally or metaphorically. The song itself is about the toll that gets taken on someone whose life and work takes them away from home/family and then throws them back again and then tugs them a way again and throws them a few canoes to carry in with the bargain. Sometimes we need a rest and a swim.”

Check it out now.

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