'Bad Idea'

In one fell swoop Theia established herself as a stellar pop talent.

2016's 'Roam' was a classic first time out, a precocious pop epic that earned millions of streams worldwide.

But the New Zealand riser wasn't about to become deceived by the hype. Going out on the road, she worked hard to communicate with fans, supporting big hitters such as Sia and Charli XCX.

Constantly working on her music, Theia refined each song, each note until she felt it was right, until it was ready to go out into the world.

New single 'Bad Idea' is a sign of what's to come, a deliriously ambitious piece of expertly controlled pop bedlam, laced with colour and energy.

Beneath its buoyancy, though, 'Bad Idea' carries a vastly personal message - it's about self-harm, and self-help.

She explains: “Sometimes life gets you down and you have hard times. You fall over. Sometimes you dust yourself off and jump up again; other times you need a helping hand...”

The video expands on her visual aesthetic, helmed by director Sailor Gonzales and videographer Trajik.

Sailor was hit up by the NZ artist via social media, and they quickly developed a strong creative bond...

“Theia came to me with a vision, and without ever meeting me, she naturally trusted me in bringing it to life. I am eternally grateful for her allowing me to have the creative freedom to let my whole heart pour into every inch of this project...”

An incredible watch, you can tune in now.

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