It’s been a funny old week for big league dance music.

Pendulum have parted company, with the Aussie mentalists being swiftly followed by Swedish House Mafia. The landscape is beginning to clear, perhaps leaving the way for dubstep (and its sundry derivations) to step forward.

Boy Kid Cloud could lead the charge. Still remarkably fresh faced, the producer follows neatly in the bass heavy chart pop trail fostered by Magnetic Man and Katy B. Yet he’s got his own sound. The vocals are soft, sweet and distinctly English while the production has plenty of fingers point straight to the sky moments half-inched from Trance.

New EP ‘A Better Version Of Me’ acts as a wonderful starting off point. The hooks are there from the off, with Boy Kid Cloud throwing in plenty of cliff-face drops and jaw shattering wobble.
For something different, though, try out ‘Gone’. A simple lament, Boy Kid Cloud plays it straight and the results are equal parts affecting and effective.

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