'do you come here often?'

Nina Cobham is navigating this world as best she can.

A fully bilingual artist, she can switch between different modes, moving between different vantage points in the process.

A bedroom pop artist who leans on her jazz and R&B roots, Nina Cobham transforms her Manchester home into a creative hub.

New single 'do you come here often?' has its roots in a series of 2019 sketches, before taking shape this year.

It's a nuanced, soulful piece of music, it use of layers creating an opaque effect in the rippling arrangement.

She comments: “I honestly feel like listening to the song you can feel the weight of all the emotion put into it, like weaved in all the layers. The original first verse/chorus vocals are still used in the song, so it's made up of pieces from last year and half of the vocals were recorded in lockdown in my bedroom.”

Lyrically, Nina explores her need for closeness and intimacy, but without the wrinkles that romance can cause.

She adds: “It was written about platonic relationships instead of romantic ones, and acknowledging I needed new friends at the time...”

“The chorus touches on insecurities, but I wouldn’t say it was even a sad song - it is definitely more a back and forth of I decided I’m getting over it but then being too forgiving and giving people too many opportunities to repeat behaviours, because you’re scared you’re going to hurt someone who hurt you by cutting them off.”

Tune in now.

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