'Love Gone Cold'

At some point during the pandemic Harry Stone realised he had changed.

Growing up in Winchester, he'd always been outgoing, a source of energy to those around him.

A sudden move to London followed, with Harry switching between shifts in his local bar and stints producing house music.

But then came the shift - as he put it, he began to move inwards, after a long time of expressing himself outwards.

“It came after a long phase of me being an extrovert,” Harry recalls. “A few things happened that threw me into being an introvert.”

This process completely altered his music, using songwriting as a conduit to his feelings, becoming ever more soulful and affecting in the process.

New single 'Love Gone Cold' was constructed over lockdown, and it boasts the input of vital hip-hop producer Kenny Beats.

Reminiscent of James Blake in place, its icy atmosphere depicts a relationship that has stalled, with the deft electronics, neat piano melodies, and hushed vocals interweaving to produce something immaculately intense.

"'Love Gone Cold' is about imbalance in a relationship," says Harry, "where you might really care for someone but they just stop reciprocating, for whatever reason. It’s brutal, but I guess sometimes that’s just how it goes. It felt to me like there was power in being the one saying ‘you’ve gone cold’ and knowing it to be true for someone else, maybe even before they do."

Tune in now.


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