Trash Kit is a three-part force that links DIY culture, blistering no wave noise, and guitar music from Zimbabwe.

The band are a seismic live force, re-uniting to concentrate on a new album for Upset The Rhythm.

'Horizon' lands on July 5th, with Trash Kit matching their distinct sound to a future-facing approach.

Nowhere is this more evident than album highlight 'Sunset', with its jagged, deeply percussive guitar lines underpinning those chanted, soothing vocals.

A song marked by the influence of Octavia Butler's science fiction, it's a startling, multi-faceted piece, a kind of dystopian piece of barbed wire guitar.

Trash Kit's Rachel Aggs explains:

"'Sunset' is about the end of the world also maybe the afterlife?"

"When we wrote it I had just read The Parable of the Sower by the Afro futurist sci-fi writer Octavia Butler - its set in an apocalyptic California that has run out of water and the main character is alone in accepting that civilisation as she knows it has collapsed and that the solution is not to try to salvage whats lost but instead to seek hope in change and renewal…!"

Tune in now.

Catch Trash Kit at London's EartH alongside Deerhoof on September 2nd.

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