'Jazz Baby'

Until a week ago Pom Poko had never played outwith their native Norway.

So when the group packed their bags and flew out to The Great Escape, they didn't quite know what to expect.

Nor, in all honesty, did the people of Brighton. Pom Poko played a flurry of shows around the city, hurling themselves into each set with incredible intensity.

Fusing jagged post-punk riffs, math-core rhythms, and deliciously intelligent pop music, the Norwegian group left an indelible mark on anyone lucky enough to stumble into their path.

Pom Poko sent the following note to Clash:

"It was very exciting for us to play our first gig outside of Norway! We really didn't have any idea if anyone would come to our shows or how people would react to our music, so we are very stoked that people came out to our shows and that we got a lot of positive feedback. On our last show there was even our very first moshpit in the crowd, that was awesome. Overall it was a great experience and we've already planned to go back to the UK in September to play some gigs in London, we're really looking forward to that!"

We're lucky enough to be able to bring you a live recording of 'Jazz Baby', and the sheer energy of the performance will leave you slack-jawed in bewilderment.

Astonishing about-turns delivered at breakneck speed, you can check out 'Jazz Baby' below.

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