Grand Union (Doc Daneeka Remix)
Arthur Beatrice

Until a few months ago, no one was actually sure who Arthur Beatrice was.

Keeping their identity a closely guarded secret, the band allowed their music to do the talking. Spreading slowly, insidiously online, the band finally confirmed their presence to the world in a simple blog posting.

Perhaps that's for the best, though. Their output thus far has an atmospheric quality, a hazy, shimmering beauty which is only tainted through its ties with the corporeal realm.

New single 'Grand Union' is set to be released on November 4th, and finds Arthur Beatrice adding some shade to their light, breezy sound. Opening up the track for a series of remixes, the band themselves have posted a number of re-workings online.

Doc Daneeka has also stepped into the fray, turning 'Grand Union' into a blissful, sun specked piece of electronics - if it wasn't Autumn, we'd be tempted to label this 'Balearic'...

Listen to it now.

Photo Credit: Richard Round-Turner

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