Nihilist In The Club'

Izzy Camina grew up in New Jersey, her mind a cloud of different ideas, different ways to communicate.

Seeking out her own path, she flew to London, spending time absorbing underground culture, taking notes and collaborating with those around her.

Eventually she felt that itch to travel once more, packing her bags and relocating to Los Angeles, seeking out new points of inspiration.

Somewhere in between all this Izzy has developed her own style, weaving together dreamy alt-pop elements with industrial techno, and left field house.

New single 'Nihilist In The Club' essentially began as a joke, a sketch she placed on her hard drive, fully intending to think about it and move on.

Something kept her coming back, however, with Izzy Camina honing it, refining it, teasing out some of the most adventurous elements.

Daring, fashion-forward digi-pop that sets its sights on the sky, 'Nihilist In The Club' is the point when Izzy Camina breaks out.

She explains:

"It’s about global/youth understanding that 'enjoying the moment' is futile, the world is dying, everything is pointless etc, and then contrarily; being sad and defeatist is futile, we have no choice but to endure and enjoy the moment."

"Sort of a back-and-forth, with each perspective abiding by the same 'nothing matters' principle."

Tune in now.

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