'Blue For You'

Harve is something quite special.

They are based in South East London, a powerful voice in the queer community who wants to bend art forms, twisting them into fresh shapes.

Linking with producer Kwes Darko back in 2015, Harve has been working on their message ever since, spending countless long nights in the studio.

Endlessly cultivating their sonic approach, the partnership has allowed Harve to come into their own.

Debut EP 'Held By The Moon' is incoming, melding together adventurous electronics with bold lyricism that speaks of self-doubt, self-love, and self-acceptance.

We're able to share new song 'Blue For You' and it's a beautifully dynamic introduce to Harve's mission, a work shot through with overwhelming originality.

Harve explains...

I wrote ‘Blue For You’ out of pretty much a single memory. I was laying in my bed I shared with my partner at the time - I can still remember how the light looked coming through the window. I had started to realise I’d got this all wrong; I’d let go of the version of myself that I’d loved, and let a darker, sadder, and weaker person grow instead.

This track captures the moment you know its ending, where things need to change, but you’re still building up the strength to leave. I wrote it with a good friend of mine and a brilliant keys player, Joel Dawe. He played the opening melody, and I think the words came out before I knew what they meant.

When we took it to Kwes Darko he knew exactly what to do. The beautiful, open string section emulated that exact moment I realised the world was still moving out there, and it gave me a sense of hope that I’m not sure I had when I wrote it.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: @tamiaftab

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