'Shining Star'

Chloe Foy is ready to turn the page.

New album 'Where Shall We Begin' is a reflective work, but this introspection is utilised as a means to pursue a forward path.

Dealing with the loss of a parent, the English songwriter picks through her feelings, and takes away some hard-earned life lessons.

“For me, this album has come out of a decade of hard graft, trying to balance my craft with making a living, whilst taking my time to get it right. All whilst dealing with the fallout of a huge bereavement in my most formative years. I was finding it hard to work out who I was within this new, alien context of losing a parent,” she says.

The process has re-affirmed Chloe Foy's love of the craft; she was born to make music, and this natural instincts shines brightly on the new record.

“My dad was a talented artist and potter, but instead of following that path, he worked an office job in the pursuit of money which ultimately made him very unhappy,” she reflects. “It gave me an early life lesson to follow a creative path if it presents itself and to ignore the pressures of society to conform to a certain life. Because it won’t necessarily make you happy.”

New song 'Shining Star' is about living this lesson to the full, embracing your truth and pursue your own path.

The folk-flecked arrangement has a neo-Raphaelite beauty, while Chloe's potent, clipped vocal carries a hushed intensity.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Holly Whitaker

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