'The Berlin Tuck'

Waldo's Gift are part of a new wave of underground energy in Bristol's arts scene.

The group's deeply improvisatory live show points to an awareness of jazz, but their often extreme sonics have more natural alignment with math rock, say, or even aspects of metal.

Genuinely left-field music, their engaging, vastly energetic live shows have built a cult reputation in the city, thanks in part of their semi-legendary residency at The Gallimaufry.

With a new EP incoming and a show at London's Pickle Factory slated for October 15th, Waldo's Gift could be set to reach a new level.

New single 'The Berlin Tuck' is online now and it's a phenomenal piece of music, managing to squeeze an outrageous amount of information into its sleek four minute span.

The frenetic drumming transforms itself into a percussive blur, while the darting guitar lines are interwoven around Brutalist daubs of synthetic sound.

A chest-rattling assault, it comes equipped with daring visuals from director Jack Lilley and DoP Jamie Harding, which blend live elements with disorienting effects.

A race to the finish, it expertly nails the kinetic creative that fuels Waldo's Gift - tune in now.

Photo Credit: Gina Tratt

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