Oscar Key Sung
'Club Mate'

Time seems to slow down when you're listening to Oscar Key Sung.

From his debut release onwards the songwriter seems to apply a sharp sense of focus to everything he does, meaning that time just simply drifts past.

New EP 'No Disguise' is another confident step forward, the work of an artist with a clear vision for what he can produce, and what he can achieve.

We're able to share new song 'Club Mate', and it's a curious work of staunch individuality.

The rolling drums have a Krautrock quality, while the deft electric piano chords have that jazz touch; the plaintive vocal, meanwhile, is pure R&B, so frail and yet so poetic at the same time.

Oscar explains...

"It’s an entire song about the slow motion moment where you see someone who fascinates you, and they are just an entire story of possibility to imagine. It’s an exaggerated moment that can only be defined by what happens next. 'Club Mate' started from the hook line “I hope you love like you dance”. It was turning around in my head for a few weeks until I sat down at the piano to try find the right chords for it."

"The song came together super fast, it felt right keeping it simple. It is the first time I have used such a classic drum break sort of sound, even though it felt a bit out of character is also felt really right. I kept the arrangement super minimal, just baseline piano and drum. Later on down the track a new friend “Golden Vessel” added some additional production to bring it further to life."

Tune in now.

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