'Orfordness Lighthouse'

Seven voices, seven points of view - yet somehow For Breakfast channel their multitude of approaches into one coherent whole.

That said, it isn't easy. The sprawling London outfit can spend weeks, if not months, on a single song, allowing it to evolve in a granular, cellular fashion.

New EP 'Trapped In The Big Room' is out on May 20th, and second single 'Orfordness Lighthouse' is online now.

It's an intense experience, recalling Portishead's 'Third' in its fusion of concrete weight and soulful introversion.

The jazz leanings of the arrangement add colour and poise, while the grinding guitar points to the influence of Mogwai, say, or Explosions In The Sky.

Vocalist Maya comments...

"As with most of our songs, I didn’t write the lyrics to 'Orfordness Lighthouse' with a specific meaning in mind. They came about in the same way as most of the music - on the spot in our rehearsal space. They’re there for the feeling and the sound of the words more than a narrative or anything, but looking back on them there’s a sense of holding and being held, tension and release that is a reaction to the music and the journey of the song."

A remarkable, highly atmospheric experience, 'Orfordness Lighthouse' was sculpted in a disused RAF base, its ghosts seeping into every note.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Simon Thompson

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