Record Store Day Takeover

A 500 year old cottage in the Cheshire countryside isn't exactly the ideal location to build a shoegaze album.

But that's exactly what Daniel Land & The Modern Painters attempted with ‘The Space Between Us’. Pieced together over time, the album is far more of a band effort than their - rightly - sought after debut ‘Love Songs For The Chemical Generation’.

A personal, at times quite bare document the new album finds Daniel Land moving his songwriting into the first person. "The lyrics are more decipherable than last time, this is deliberate" he said recently. "I wanted to communicate honestly and openly, even if what I was singing was uncomfortably revealing for me".

‘The Space Between Us’ is due to be released on May 28th, with Daniel Land & The Modern Painters preparing a one off single for Record Store Day.

Taking place this Saturday (April 21st, write it down!) the event will see the band give 'Eyes Wide Shut' a standalone pressing. To celebrate, ClashMusic have been handed a new remix with Deep Cut teasing the track out towards the eight minute mark for a remix which spirals through layers of noise of psychedelic abandon.

Shattering any sense of a 'song' the remix is more of a sound piece, velocity driven feedback exploding out from all angles.

A Death In Vegas offshoot, Deep Cut's 'Eyes Wide Shut' remix is reminiscent of the way that group can make darkness seem enthralling, enduring, enlightening.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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