Track Of The Day 18/2 - Dream Nails

Track Of The Day 18/2 - Dream Nails


Dream Nails stand for something.

A band whose righteous music is rooted in their political beliefs, each show turns into an impromptu protest, a centre for discussion, debate, and movement.

With their debut album incoming, the group are ready to share new blaster 'Payback', and it's a fantastic, vital return from the inspirational four-piece.

Reminiscent of Rage Against The Machine - guitarist Tom Morello is a Dream Nails fan, seemingly - that bolsy riff is a pulse-quickening, nostril-flaring object of mass destruction.

The song culminates in a chant from UK feminist activist group Sisters Uncut: "Hey mister, get your hands off my sister!"

The video features footage from a series of Sisters Uncut demonstrations, with the group taking direct action for domestic violence survivors.

Vocalist Janey Starling says:

“In the UK, only 1.5% of rape cases lead to a charge or summons. Payback is a song about how the UK criminal justice system fails survivors - and we’re angry about it.”

“This is a country where two women are murdered every week by a partner or ex-partner. So many women have lived through sexual and physical abuse, and carry the scars and memories of that – but will never see justice for it.”

'Payback' is a cathartic release, a scream of frustration that finds purpose in anger.

Guitarist Anya Pearson comments:

“This is a tune to mosh to, throw yourself around with your sisters and non binary babes in the pit and scream the chorus: ‘One day we’ll make you pay’. It always goes off when we play it live.”

Tune in now.

Dream Nails will release their debut album on April 3rd.

Photo Credit: Marieke Macklon

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