Bessie Turner (Credit: Chris Driver)

Bessie Turner's dreamy songwriting has a raw, vital edge.

Matching the sighing harmonies of Galaxie 500, say, while adding something confessional, something unique, her work is worth placing alongside recent risers such as Soccer Mommy or Phoebe Bridgers.

Devoutly independent, Bessie Turner's creative force found new focus when she forged her own label, Don't Try.

The past 12 months have brought a string of releases, with new single 'Nino' raising the bar yet again.

Gorgeous, shimmering guitars underpin that yearning vocal, one that takes personal reference points and spins them in a new way.

She explains: “'Nino' is something my boyfriend calls me when I say I can't do something like if I am feeling unconfident about a performance, or something else that I totally have the ability to do, but I feel like I'm not able to, purely because of my own brain.”

“The song has some well disguised personal references that relate to me... body image, boredom, sex, and that feeling like you want to go into self-destruct mode because of it all. Life can overwhelm and consume everybody and having someone there to give you a push or a boost is sometimes all it takes.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Chris Driver

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