'Higher Self'

Some Bodies match delicious melodies to instincts that take them hurtling past sonic barriers.

Loosely patching together psych-pop and UK indie sounds, the Bristol group have made waves locally with their refreshing live shows.

Working from the renowned Rockfield Studios, the band's debut album 'Sunscreen' lands on November 8th and it finds Some Bodies looking internally for inspiration.

Lyrically they touch on everything from mental health to global warming, all filtered through this heavenly songwriting lens.

"There are a lot of questions and no answers on this album," we’re told by guitarist and lead songwriter Fred Hickey. "It's fairly soul searching. Personally I was just shedding all the disguises of my early 20s and writing about them. It sounds like someone giving themselves a good talking to to me."

"The 'grand conceptual idea' Tom and I would keep coming back to when we’re talking about the lyrics and imagery was this 'shit holiday resort desert island'. We were just laughing at all of these characters being cooked by global warming surrounded by an ocean of plastic. But I guess we were those characters and making this record is all we had to protect ourselves from getting cooked. Hence 'Sunscreen'."

Out shortly, 'Sunscreen' will be teased with a flurry of live shows, with Clash now able to share instantly infectious new single 'Higher Self'.

The rolling keyboard notes recall those early Pink Floyd singles, while the sighing vocals are reminiscent of Tame Impala at their finest; those UK influences shine through, however, and there's also a hefty dose of Britpop at work in their songwriting.

Tune in now.

Catch Some Bodies at Wild Paths Festival in Norwich on October 19th.

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