'Show Your Love'

Sarah Proctor has always valued honesty above all other qualities.

As an artist and a person, it's one trait that compels her, that keeps her fascinated throughout the noise.

When it comes to her own work, Sarah Proctor wants to reflect this, soaking her work in beautifully reflective emotion.

She explains: “I like honest, real songwriting. When you strip the production away, the songs need to stand on their own two feet - just pure and beautiful.”

A full EP is incoming, with the London based artist recently sharing title track 'Show Your Love' in full. It's a song about self-acceptance, about exploring your sexuality and allowing love to bloom in different directions.

She explains:

"I wrote show your love about the time of my life where I was figuring out who I was, the moment I realised I had feelings for another girl and how scared I was of that."

"Before I even thought about coming out and telling other people I had to be so OK with it myself so that no matter what anyone said I knew I could stay strong, it’s about overcoming that initial fear, and becoming who you are."

We've nabbed this beautiful live clip, a terrific, moving performance, one that fully expresses the honest feeling within Sarah's work.

Check it out now.

Catch Sarah Proctor at Kansas Smitty in London on January 23rd.

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