Track Of The Day 17/8 – Ane Brun

'Take Hold Of Me'

Ane Brun needed to change things.

Her last fully self-written album came in 2015, and since then fans have only had a collection of covers to feast on.

Now, though, she's stirring. A new album is said to be incoming, with new single 'Take Hold Of Me' presenting her dynamic creative return.

The song found Ane Brun reaching outwards, with 'Take Hold Of Me' beginning with a writing session alongside Martin Hederos and Josefin Runsteen.

“I’ve hardly done any live co-writing before (that is, meeting together in a room and creating something from scratch)” she explains.

“I mostly prefer being alone in my own bubble when I create the first few seeds of a song. It’s a very intimate and intense activity for me, almost meditative and very intuitive and it involves a lot of improvisation. But I decided to give it a chance, and even though at one point I almost blushed because I felt so vulnerable digging into my soul in front of three friends, I’m very grateful we did it because a few really good songs came out of it, and it also made me braver.”

She took those initial ideas and broadcast them to another dimension, with the results showing startling imagination. Ane Brun continues:

“My lyrics started out with these few lines: ‘My existence is screaming, it’s a physical feeling, of missing out on dance and light’. I try to describe an existential complex state of mind. An abstract feeling, and something that I’ve felt come and go through the years. And in some ways, in this time of the pandemic, it’s being emphasised even more. A feeling that things are on hold, that life is not lived to its full potential, and that the bigger questions are so present right there on the surface. It is something that at least I have experienced in this very different situation we’re in right now in 2020.”

Samuel Starck produced the song, which is out now. We're able to share the intense visuals, chaired by director Janne Lindgren:

"The lyrics of this song is so powerful and captivating. It gave me a feeling of a sensation, or an energy, that is hard to grasp, or to hold on to. I wanted to match that and create that feeling in the images, in the light and the movement of the camera as well. Ane and I, decided early on, to make it with her, in every frame, in one room."

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Stian Andersen

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