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A perennial techno hot spot, the past few years has witnessed Glasgow's electronic scene really coming into its own.

First LuckyMe then Numbers arrived, surrounding the city in hype. However the real strength of the scene is the lack of any unified sound - those looking for another Hudson Mohawke may well stumble across the avant pop of Rudi Zydaglo.

Part of a new generation of producers emerging from the city, Rudi Zygadlo announced himself last year. Essentially working within the confines of dubstep, in reality the producer's music eclipses any genre title.

Freewheeling between bass, Zappa-style absurdism, indie rock and more the Glaswegian producer hooked up with Planet Mu in 2010. 'Great Western Laymen' was a surreal trip through his imagination, stopping off at some unexpected destinations along the way.

Since then, the producer has played a series of live shows which reveal an inventive approach rooted in improvisation.

Working on a new EP, Rudi Zygadlo has hooked up with Pictures Music for the release. Limited to just 300 copies, the new release comes under the name 'Achtung!' and promises to be another step forward for the producer.

Taken from the EP, 'Variously Made Men' is something of a sea shanty. An extremely fucked up sea shanty, admittedly - far from the sort of thing which would soundtrack Captain Pugwash.

Ending in a locked groove, the stream will just have to do until the 12 inch drops on September 12th...

Variously Made Men (out on vinyl, Sptember 2011) by RUDI ZYGADLO

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