'Selena Gomez'

ItsNate has his sights set on the stars.

Supremely ambitious, the North London rapper knows that if he focusses on his work, and finds the right path, then he can achieve anything.

Fusing elements of grime with new movements in Stateside hip-hop, ItsNate has his own voice, his own way of going things.

New single 'Selena Gomez' is sublime, fusing Sokari's dexterous production with the rapper's effervescent flow.

"'Selena Gomez' is just showing the the Slocal lifestyle. Home grown growth and work, whilst having fun it's a team thing."

Remi Laudat directs the visuals, and it takes ItsNate to deserted locations around London.

Hyper-stylised, it's a vivid watch. Tune in now.

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