Epic & Blues EP - Ulysses

As if being in Metronomy wasn't enough, Olugbenga has built up a reputation as a superb producer in his own right.

For a while sticking to the disciplines of the re-edit, Olugbenga playfully toyed with some well known and underground tracks - stamping his own unique identity on them in the process. Spreading his wings, the producer recently confirmed plans for his own mixtape.

Titled 'Epic & Blues' the mixtape drops later this week via his Facebook page and matches new material with fresh remixes. "Epic & Blues is comprised of wordless versions of remixes I've done in the last couple of years along with a couple of new original tracks" he explained recently. "I'm giving it away for free, but in a way it feels like my first proper release."

As a preview, Olugbenga is giving away five cuts in different online locations. ClashMusic - naturally - is first up, and when can present a remixed version of Jim Kroft's 'Ulysses'. Here's what Olugbenga had to say about it...

"The second remix I ever did. I was so nervous when I emailed it to Jim! This is another one where I sat down with one idea and then the song took a life of its own. The original is a duet between Jim and Lianne La Havas and my original idea was to keep both vocals in, but in the end it somehow felt blues-ier to strip the vocal back".

"I tied the arrangement so closely to the vocal that I was surprised it worked just as well as an instrumental, but this is definitely from a 'busy' period in my production so there's still quite a lot going on musically. It was the first remix I did that was actually used by the artist, so it holds a bit of a special place in my heart."

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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'Epic & Blues' drops on July 23rd.