Day four of 5daysof65days...

65daysofstatic’s most recent long-player, ‘The Destruction Of Small Ideas’, was released in April 2007, and today’s TotD is lifted straight from it.

The album – 65days’ third – received mixed reviews, but hindsight reveals the record to be one with a previously unheard depth. From a technical perspective it’s probably their greatest achievement to date; even if some of the songs lack the aggressive edge that characterised albums one and two.

The band, certainly, stand by their album. As you’d hope. Paul Wolinski fills us in on this track, ‘These Things You Can’t Unlearn’…

“This tune is kind of the epitome of the ‘Destruction’ album, for me. It's long and multi-faceted. We stand by the album completely and think it is some of the most accomplished songwriting we have done. At the same time it is when we hit our apex of Weird Time Signatures and Seriousness and, as such, evidently, it wasn't to everybody's taste. You certainly couldn't dance to it, which I guess is in keeping with most of our output to date. At least, everything we made since Rob joined. His intelligent drumming leaves very little room for
un-syncopated rhythm. But he makes us sound good.”


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