Roundhouse Rising

Scandinavian - that's the first thing that pops into your mind when listening to Labyrinth Ear.

The band do that whole Gothic, shimmering electro-pop thing which The Knife et al have down pat. Except there's something uncanny, something otherworldly about the music Labyrinth Ear create.

Take their new EP 'Apparitions': the title alone should give the game away. If you left a Human League single to fester in a bargain bin for 30 years, took it out and stuck it on a record player you could be forgiven for expecting Labyrinth Ear to come out.

Sure, there's a perfect pop heart in there but alongside this lies a sense of something frayed, decayed. An under-developed photograph - distinctive, recognisable but ultimately separate from what you want to portray.

Roundhouse Rising organised a free show at the Old Blue Last this week (February 15th, to be exact) and invited along a number of electronic groups and producers who are pushing ahead with new ideas.

Labryinth Ear were among them. Still celebrating the release of 'Apparitions' the duo were able to really let their music breath, to really allow the synth oscillations to pirouette around the audience's heads.

A confident step from the London based duo, 'Apparitions' is out now. Grab in their Bandcamp page and stream lead cut 'Humble Bones' below.


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