Ellis May

Becoming a parent changes your life in fundamental ways.

Danish artist Ellis May recently became a mother, and it shifted her perception of the world in both a subtle and dramatic manner.

She recalls: "The first time we looked into the eyes of our newborn, I could do nothing but surrender myself to the love, to the family, to making room for the undefined and the stuff that can´t be promised - I lost the tight grasp of myself in it all. I believe it's the thing one has to do when becoming a parent. The ultimate surrender for me was becoming a unified entity with the people I want in my life."

After passing through this life-changing event, she went back into the studio, and found that the role music played in her life has taken on fresh consequence.

Ellis explains: "I decided that I need music in my life and I have to make room for it, and put in the effort for it to become something bigger than just an identity for myself. It needs to be a true contribution. Something undefined. Something uncontrolled. Something I can lose. Something shared I can enjoy with other."

New single 'Surrender' is the result. A powerful yet subtle work, it builds on these life-changing experiences while expressing them in a simple, dynamic way.

The video was shot on location in Copenhagen by Catherine Pattinama Coleman, and it echoes the dreamy ambience of Ellis' songwriting.

Tune in now.

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