Track Of The Day 16/9 – The Gift

'Love Without Violins'

It's not very often that Brian Eno will lend his vocals to another artist.

But then, it's not very often that you'll encounter a group like The Gift. With Sonia Tavares' dramatic voice and the band's intense, idiosyncratic songwriting, the future pop outfit are already the toast of their native Portugal.

Taking two years to complete their new album, The Gift's methodical approach has applied an exacting control over each sound, each contribution.

Flood oversaw mixing duties, but perhaps the greatest coup is Brian Eno's decision to contribute. A seminal figure, he adds some immediately recognisable vocals to new cut 'Love Without Violins'.

A few words from Brian Eno:

"The idea for 'Love Without Violins' came out of Sonia's startling voice. She sings in exactly the same register as me (I think it's called baritone) but has a couple of extra octaves at the top – so she's a sort of baritone soprano. How I envy those extra octaves. Anyway, she was singing this song over this dark, dangerous sonic landscape – it didn't have many words at first – but I got a picture of a scenario where a different kind of love was being performed. Her voice suggested a woman of supreme, almost scornful confidence, someone who likes to play with people who like to be played with. I wanted this idea of a kind of love that wasn't pink and fluffy and adolescent, but had undertones – and overtones – of control and surrender, of people prepared to go all the way to the limits of their imaginations. I think it may be the only time I've written the word 'love' in any song…but it's not puppy love I was talking about. It's tough love. Love without violins."

Check it out now.

'Love Without Violins' will be released on September 30th (pre-order LINK).

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