Honeyglaze were born out of a desire not to be alone.

Singer Anouska Sokolow had written a batch of songs, statements she felt she could stand behind; with a burning un-desire not to be a solo artist, she sought out collaborators, and so Honeyglaze was born.

Fleshed out with bassist Tim Curtis and drummer Yuri Shibuichi, the project's hushed artistry, spider-like guitar tones, and bewitching lyricism stands out from the pack.

Freshly signed to Speedy Wunderground, new single 'Burglar' cross-references a Bukowski poem with lockdown alienation.

Say the group: “It feels like being half-awake before dawn and waiting alone for the clarity of morning. It drifts between calm and anxiety, between dream and consciousness.”

Each part is interwoven around the next, with Honeyglaze giving the impression of something much more substantial, and affecting, than the sum of its parts.

They continue: “In the same vein as the lyrics, the video isn’t a story so much as a recreation of hypnagogia, a place between sleep and wakefulness. It was inspired by the Maya Deren film, Meshes of the Afternoon. Confusion, anxiety and fear build as the shadows of sleep paralysis become just as real as the material world.”

Set to play London's 100 Club tonight (September 15th), you can catch Honeyglaze on the bill for Live At Leeds, SWN Festival, and on tour supporting Lounge Society.

Check out 'Burglar' below. 

Photo Credit: Holly Whitaker

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