A great song works in any context.

Goldilox makes effervescent pop music, R&B soaked tracks that has a real emotional edge.

New EP 'Skin' drops on Friday (September 16th) and it's laced with potential, the sound of a confident young artist stretching her capabilities.

'Morning' has fast become her standout cut, a hallmark of her live set and a real showcase for her wonderful voice.

Clash has nabbed an early live recording, featuring the singer alone at the piano. It's a frank, emotive version, reflecting some of the troubles in her life when she wrote the track.

Goldilox: "This acoustic version was actually my first full draft of 'Morning'. I had just finished writing it and you can hear the hesitation on certain words. I like that it's so unpolished. I remember that day so clearly because I had gotten into an awful argument with a friend and I didn't expect to accomplish much that day . I liked this version so much I decided to add a little bit of it to the end of the final track."

Check out the live version of 'Morning' below.

As if that wasn't enough, we're also able to bring you a special 'Skin' EP mini-mix.

'Skin' EP arrives on Friday (September 16th).

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