'Breathe' (LAUV Remix)
Astrid S (Credit: Stian Andersen)

It's important to remember that Astrid S is still only 20 years old. Important, because what lies ahead of her could be very special indeed.

Breakthrough cut 'Hurts So Good' was streamed more than 120 million times, turning the quiet Norwegian talent into a global phenomenon.

Not that she's allowed the hype to obscure her path. Astrid S is set to dominate 2017, startling with sparkling new single 'Breathe'.

Out now, it's a glorious piece of pop music, all day-glo melodies and lyrics that cut just a little deeper than most.

Clash is able to premiere the LAUV remix, and it soaks the song in flouro-tinged electronics while retaining that essential emotional core.

Tune in now.

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