Day three of 5daysof65days...

ClashMusic’s 5daysof65days TotD series reaches its middle hump, with a standout moment from the band’s superbly acclaimed second long-player, ‘One Time For All Time’.

The album – released via Monotreme in October 2005 – saw 65daysofstatic’s glitch anthems refined and focused, with a greater emphasis on all things low end and bowel turning. The instrumental quartet still packed a mighty riff or two, but programming shined through on ‘One Time…’ in a way it never quite managed on the preceding ‘The Fall Of Math’ LP; this was the sound of a band finding its sound quite magnificently.

The album’s opening brace of ‘Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here’ and ‘Await Rescue’ were particularly striking to these ears, and still provide a true rush of blood to this day when they come on the iPod while strolling around town. The pair make the listener feel indestructible, like nothing else in the world matters while the brain’s assaulted on both sides by scintillating fusion-rock – well, they do to me, anyway.

And it’s ‘Await Rescue’ that we today present as a free download, for a limited tie only*; click below to get it.


The band’s Paul Wolinski is providing commentary on every download this week, and here’s what he has to say on ‘Await Rescue’…

“The first song we started to write after ‘…Math’ was released. We were rehearsing in a huge, old, abandoned warehouse, which recently became a corporate chicken shop. Yum yum. Little did we know, at the time, that the folks in the neighboring lock-up were doing some mad crazy illegal pirate stuff and, after driving back late one night, we discovered the cops had been by and raided their lock-up via ours. We'd been under surveillance for a number of months. We're the only band we know with a police file. This song was named after those signs you see on the motorway on a period of extensive touring.”

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* These 65daysofstatic downloads will only be available until April 24, so get them while they’re hot, likes.


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