Sam McCarthy moved from his native New Zealand to Los Angeles some time back, an attempt to seek out new experiences.

It was certainly a rush. An overwhelming experience, the young artist retreated to a meditation centre, spending 10 days in almost total silence.

A reflective, inward experience, he left the retreat by car, switching on the engine and turning up the radio. The first song he heard? Prince.

It's this fusion of inward and outward, the mind and the body, that drives the songwriter's project Boyboy forward.

Releasing a string of cuts throughout 2016, Sam McCarthy seemed to be exploring different facets of his songwriting, of his creativity.

He says: “I have this odd way of validating what a ‘good version of me’ is and what is not, but sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart...”

New single 'Me' brings it all together. Beguiling, infectious pop music beamed in from an alternate dimension, you can check it out below.

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