Vera Blue

Vera Blue is a talent to watch.

Still only 23 years old the songwriter is being feted worldwide, with her label flying her out to Malibu last year for a full studio session.

The change of setting seems to have inspired her. While in the studio Vera Blue began to sketch out 'Mended', her most beautiful and fully realised pop gem yet.

"'Mended' is a very special song," she says. "It was about a relationship that I had a few years ago. It had been a little while since we’d ended it and we hadn’t made amends, said we were sorry. It’s funny because you think the song is going to be about resolution, but we haven’t quite made it there yet."

Deeply personal, each note seems to come from the heart, soaring out with ineffable grace. She explains: “I just love it. I love performing it and can’t wait to give it to the world and let them feel how I feel.”

Clash has first dibs on the video - check it out below.

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