Day two of 5daysof65days...

Day two, and our 5daysof65days lands at album one: ‘The Fall Of Math’.

Released in September 2004 via Monotreme, the Sheffield four-piece’s debut immediately engaged with the underground, with fans of music that was neither rock (post- or otherwise) or dance, but setting fire to a middle ground all of its own.

‘Retreat! Retreat!’, featuring a Matt Dillon sample from the film Singles, was the first single from ‘The Fall Of Math’, and is one of 65days’ calling-card tracks to this day due to its immense popularity. A live staple, it’s a rush of euphoria to match any skin-prickler you can name.


Remember, these 65daysofstatic tracks will only be available to download ‘til April 24. So click while they’re hot. Yesterday we featured the track ‘Ophelia.Remix’, something of a rarity to say the least. Get it HERE.

Of ‘Retreat Retreat’, 65days guitarist Paul Wolinski has the following to say:

“The closest thing we have apparently ever come to being radio-friendly. This is a shame, because we've desperately tried to make more accessible stuff ever since and failed miserably. Steve Lamacq played this quite a lot on Radio 1, which was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to us. It almost didn't even make the album. We thought it sounded like a sub-standard Part Chimp. Uncleared samples too - winner!”

Tomorrow: more 65days sounds…


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