Day one of 5daysof65days...

From Monday to Friday this week, we’ll be featuring five tracks from Sheffield-spawned instrumental dance-rock foursome 65daysofstatic, as they gear up for the release of their new live album, ‘Escape From New York’.

In a series we’re calling 5daysof65days, each day will feature a different track, each from a different period of the acclaimed band’s career. From humble beginnings – teeny basement shows and budget recordings – to world tours with The Cure and playing to thousands at festivals home and abroad, the band’s ascendancy has a) been incredible and b) shows little sign of slowing down.

Today, we’re looking waaay back, to the demo days before the band’s first album proper, ‘The Fall Of Math’. Lifted from the ‘Stumble.Stop.Repeat’ EP, ‘Ophelia.Remix’ is a taste of a band in its infancy, with many a progression yet to unfold. Released back in 2003 and limited to what some reckon is as little as 200 copies, finding a copy of the EP today is… well, unlikely.

So click below to download ‘Ophelia.Remix’, and be quick about it, too: these 65days downloads will only be available to Clash readers ‘til Friday April 24.


Of the track, guitarist Paul Wolinski says:

“This was one of our first attempts at producing something that sounded good enough to release. Rob (drums) had just joined the band, but the song was already written, and also we only had one microphone to record a whole kit. So we grabbed some loops and then, the way this song went (and the reason it's called remix even though the original never existed), is because the whole thing was cut to shreds and reassembled on laptops. So Rob made it in. Our first Christina Aguilera sample is in there too somewhere, although nobody would ever know. We subsequently re-sampled this song for a song on our first album, 'The Fall of Math', and then re-sampled that sample for a song on our second record, 'One Time For All Time'. We might have re-sampled that, too...”

More 65daysofstatic loveliness for your earholes tomorrow. ‘Escape From New York’ is released via Monotreme on April 20.


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