'White Air Forces'

Pat speaks his mind.

The songwriter's skewed take on British life seems to capture the absurdity of the everyday, while leaving out none of the beauty.

Gathering an army of fans, his sound - indie meets rap, pop meets DIY - is completely his own, and it seems that people fall for his originality.

With a colossal WhatsApp group hinging on his every word and a huge TikTok channel, Pat has stepped outside ordinary channels to get his voice heard.

Now he's ready to take another step forwards. New single 'White Air Forces' is out now, and it's trademark Pat - all down-at-home lyricism, focussing on "the imperfections of life".

A song about living on the breadline and learning to make do, it finds the Bedford artist decontextualising the honesty of grime within his own universe.

He comments...

"No matter how hard you try to keep your Air Forces fresh, creases will always start to show over time as nothing is perfect forever and I wanted to embrace that in this song. We have to get used to the imperfections of life, that’s why I’m still rocking the same pair of Air Forces that I bought three years ago."

We're able to share the video in full before anyone else - Pat adds...

"The white Air Forces are a metaphor for the different stages of a relationship which can be seen in the music video, I wanted to the video to be very normal, real and relatable and really hammer home the fact that it’s not always sunshine’s and daisies. it also ends on a bit of a cliff hanger which essentially symbolises the choices we make when things get a little bit hard - you either keep rocking the same old Air Forces like me, or you go and cop a new pair from JD or something."

Tune in now.

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