'Coca Cola Sky'

Kean Kavanagh seems able to twist and turn his creativity towards any task in his path.

Co-founder of the Soft Boy imprint, he's a kind of ac hoc A&R as well as a songwriter and producer in his own right.

Indeed, his own work is perhaps the closest we get to his soul, filtered through the ragged creativity that fuels his work.

Recently working with Kojaque, Kean Kavanagh returns to solo duties on the drifting, emphatically beautiful 'Coca Cola Sky'.

The opaque electronics veer close to caramel-soft hip-hop influences, before pushing outwards towards a real jazz influence.

The way Kean continually plays with his voice - stretching, warped, diminishing - is fascinating, a technical skill with a real emotional impact.

We're able to share the video, and it's aesthetic - raw, DIY, hand made - perfectly mirrors Kean's own work.

He explains...

"The video was filmed by Kevin Smith and I between Texas (where I was born) and Ireland. We shot it on a camcorder. The more we filmed me boxing and doing pull-ups in this character's clothes, the more the story and the world behind the song started to emerge."

"It all made some kind of sense in the end, if only to us anyway."

Tune in now.

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